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This page attempts to describe the hardware issues, such as missing hardware, incompatibilities, surviving hardware, ....

The Development system.

- CPU box PTS 6813 present

  - CPU          P857                      present
  - memory                                 present
  - IOP          I/O processor             present
  - PER3100      console                   present   (1,2)
  - MMU                                    present
  - CHCD         disc controller           present 
  - 6875/6875    discdrives               (present)  (4,5)
  - CHMT         tape controller           present
  - MT           magtape                   present   (6)
  -              SOP controller            present
  - CHLP         printer controller        present  
  - LP           printer                   present   (1,3)
  - CHFD         floppy controller         present
  - FDD (4x)     floppy drives             present   (3)

We also have an ECMA34 cassette drive, but the front is missing. I see no need to make a new front, as we can boot from floppy.

The Terminal

The intention was to see if there was enough hardware available to set up a cashier terminal plus a KMD terminal. Here is what we need; but I am not quire sure which hardware is available. As far as I remember, there was a wide printer, a 3-in-1 printer, 2 keyboards and 1 VDU.

- CPU box

  - CPU          P852                      present
  - memory                                 present
  - CHLT         terminal adapter          present
  - CHFD                                   present
  - 2x floppy drive                        present

- Cashier terminal

  - SUM with proper interface cards
  - 6231/6232 keyboard               
  - 3-in-1 printer
  - VDU

- KMD terminal

  - SUM with proper interface cards
  - 6232 keyboard
  - wide printer (A4 horizontally, fanfold paper
  - 80x24 VDU

- (1) relevant paper unobtainable

- (2) a program has been made to replace the PER3100, so we can run SYSGEN at a higher speed and save the output locally

- (3) connecting cable is present

- (4) connecting cable is missing

- (5) The original system was equipped with IIRC 1x 6875 and 1x 6876. Both drives have disappeared. I have found 2x 6875, but one of them is missing the motor, which is supposed to have been delivered later. The drives are bare, so some housing has to be arranged. The drives are toploaded, so they must be able to slid out of the housing. The built-in platters must be checked and reformatted, but reformatting is not a problem.

- (6) I believe the connecting cable is present, but as it is a standard Pertec interface, a new cable could be made.


Originally, it was the idea to set up a table top system, so we could show a minimal terminal system.

For that purpose, we got a P859 from Camiel Vanderhoeven, but without a CPU card. Needless to say, that this is an unobtainable item.

So, what I did next, was to take the original UK01 box (a part of the conversion kit used to convert a 6810 to 6813), as there was no use for it on the development system. The adapters did fit, the back plane was largely ok, but we could not insert the P857 or P852 CPU and have access to the contacts we needed. So, this project was scrapped to.

What to do now? Well, there is an empty 6824 box available, and as far as I can judge, this box would be ideal for an extra system, as the backplan should be idential to the 6813. The only thing to check I can see, is that we used its power supply for a different 68x box. There is a spare power supply, but as far as I recall, it has the output connectors in different locations, so some tinkering might be necessary. Worst Case : use the UK01 Power supply and/or repair the defective power supply