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Overview of PHILIPS manuals for PTS and P800

P800 series

P800 manuals


PTS series (programming manuals)

M1 - PTS 6800 Terminal System

M2A - PTS 6800 A Programmers Introduction

M04 - PTS 6800 Credit Language

M05 - PTS 6800 Device Diver Reference Manual

M06 - PTS 6800 Assembler Reference Manual

M07 - PTS 6800 Data Management

M09 - PTS 6800 Credit Programmers Guide

M11 - DOS 6800 DOS Programmers Reference Manual

M14- TOSS Specialist Reference Manual

M23 - Programmers Guide Discfile handling

M24 - Programmers Guide Data Communication

PTS Field Service Manual

Field Service Manual


Diablo_44 Maintenance Manual - Fil:DiabloModel44 DiskDriveMaintenanceManual.7-78.pdf

PTS hardware oversigt (nok ikke komplet!) - Fil:Phillips hw doc.pdf

P817 Video terminal - Philips/manuals/p817

P854 System Handbook - Fil:$IMG P854M system handbook.pdf

P856M/p857M Service Manual - Fil:Philips P856M P857M ServiceManual Oct1978.pdf

P856/P857 System Handbook - Philips/manuals/P856-P857_Handbook

P858 PTS Field Support Manual Extended Control Panel - Fil:Ercp 5122 991 30121 apr81.pdf

P859 PTS Field Support Manual Rack and Power supply - Fil:M4r 5122 991 30781 jan81.pdf

PTS6849 1 MB Floppy Drive - Fil:F1mb.pdf

PTS6875 / X1215 cartridge drive - Philips/manuals/X1215

Shugart SA800/801 Service Manual - Fil:Shugart SA800 Floppy OEM Manual.pdf

A number of Manuals are present in paper form, but not yet scanned, mainly because of poor print quality and/or fold-out drawings :

- PTS 3100 Character Printer 50CPS

- PTS 6222/6224 Teller Terminal Printer

- PTS 6321 General Terminal Printer

- PTS 6862 Console Typewriter