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UPDATE: The plug has been identified - please look below.

We are trying to identify this plug type. Regnecentralen A/S was usually using ELCO plugs but for this project they choose an elegant modular plug from Souriau. It was assembled around 1962 but the plug type might be even older. It was made by Souriau and the only significant marking is "2M". It is a very modular design and was probably assembled just for this purpose. If anyone can tell us what this type of plug is called it will be much easier to find replacement parts. If you happen to know in what industry and what these plugs usually was used for it would be very helpful too.

And if you happen to have a plug for this connector you will get god-like status! :-)

Nimbi stik A.JPG Nimbi stik B.JPG Nimbi stik C.JPG Nimbi stik D.JPG Nimbi stik E.JPG Nimbi stik F.JPG Nimbi stik G.JPG

Souriau 8140

Thanks to Declan from Souriau we have been able to identify the connecter types as type 8140:

Souriau 8140-02.jpg

Souriau 8140-115.jpg

And he was able to supply us with Katalog J3 from march of 1965.

Look at page 13 on row 3. Housing 1 & 2 seems to be the correct ones.