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Re: R: Re: Olivetti Programma 101

Dear Mr Graciotti,

This evening, we shot a few more pictures of our P 101, please see


I still need to edit this and our conversation into some more coherent story, but I wanted to give you a chance to look at the pictures to see whether your question concerning the production series might be answered?

In addition, I have some questions: The first one is, I believe, a bit of a joke: When I took our P 101 apart for the first time, the small piece of metal shown on


fell out from somewhere. I am fairly confident that this is actually something that is used to support the shelves that we use around here. Could you confirm that this piece of metal doesn't belong to a P 101?

The second question concerns the adjustment screw shown on


Could you explain the purpose and how to use this potential adjustment possibility?

Thanks a lot and best regards Thorkil