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A few hints about stopping the R1000 (more or less cleanly) :

1) if you have not been using the Environment (only playing with hardware)

a) run in interactive mode (key)  (so the R1000 does not reboot after the crash)

b) write protect the disk (key)

c) turn off the power (key)

or hit the Break Key and hit 0, it will crash

2) if you have been working with the Environment (you have been logged in, and have manipulated objects (such as Ada Units, Files...))

You have users connected (Ok, currently they would be sitting around the table with you :)

You must follow a clean shutdown procedure, because your changes may not yet have been flushed to disk yet

details on page 16 : http://datamuseum.dk/bits/30000952


You can make this a little quicker :

1) Take a snapshot

see page 95 in http://datamuseum.dk/bits/30000952

You must have "Operator Capability" 

run :  Daemon.Run ("Snapshot");

3) You may also do something in between :)

Go at the system console and toggle between prompts (using ^Z)

at they EEDB prompt (if you are so far in the boot process)

hit "quit"

it will take a Snapshot and crash to DFS