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Our software collection for the Rational 1000 computer is availble in raw form:

Or in mostly AutoArchaeologist interpretations:

Hard-coded software

There is one "Diagnostic" i8052 controller on each board, with built in firmware.

We do not know if they use the same firmware, but have reasons to think so.

We have not extracted the firmware, nor do we know if it is even possible, it may be in masked ROM.

There are a fair number of small state machines, typically using a single small bipolar rom. To the extent they are socketed, they can be read when we have the boards out next time. The same goes for the PAL chips.

EEPROM based software

The EEPROM on the IOC board holds four clearly separated pieces of software, reflecting the use in an earlier design iteration of for chips instead of one.

The RESHA board also contains an EEPROM, also in four sections for the same reason, but the sections contain multiple separate pieces of software, each with distinct entry points.

We have secured both the original content of both EEPROMS from the Terma machine:

We have also found Motorola S-record files with identical content on the DFS media and disk images.

There are EPROMS on the CMC ENP100 Network Processor VME daugther card on the RESHA card, these have not been read.

DISK based software

We have secured sector-by-sector images of the two disks from the PAM machine:

Boot Block

The first sector contains a bootblock which loads "KERNEL", "FS" and "PROGRAM" files from three replica DFS-filesystem directory entries.

The copy on the disk images is different from the copy in the M200_DFS_BOOTSTRAP.M200 in the DFS filesystem.

DFS filesystem

The DFS filesystem contains, amongst other things:

  • KERNEL*.M200 - The protected more executive running on the IOC
  • FS*.M200 - The library-like runtime support for all the other programs
  • *.M200 - All sorts of programs running on the IOC.
  • *.FIU, *.IOC, *.TYP, *.VAL, *.SEQ, *.EM, *.DIAG - scripts and programs related to and executed on/via/with the i8052 DIAG processors.
  • *.M200_UCODE - Microcode instructions to be loaded into IOC, TYP, VAL and FIU to implement the R1000 Instructions.
  • *.SEG - Compiled Ada code segments, loaded by DFS to bring up the Rational Environment
  • *.MLOAD - lists of which .SEG files to load
  • *.CLI - Script files
  • ENPCODE.S - Motorola S-records with downloadable firmware for the CMC/ENP100 card.

Environment Object Stores

(Inventory not yet available)

TAPE based software

We have secured all the tapes available to us:

(Inventory not yet available)