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We have a Rational R1000 s400 computer in its original shipping crate and nearly spotless condition.

We also have approx 1.5m manuals and four disk drives for it, but no software, because it was "tainted" by classified source code.

Read about our effort to find software and get the machine running

What it is

The Rational R1000 computers is in many senses the grandfather of the Java Virtual Machine, except the R1000 did it in hardware and with Ada.

Rather than a "normal" CPU, with a general purpose instruction set, they have a microcoded CPU, built and optimized to execute Ada code and putting much of the stuff we normally only do at compile time, into hardware at run time.

But it is also also ran one of the first, if not the first, Integrated Development Environments, which directly lead to UML and all that.


The tapes we have borrowed from Pierre-Alain-Muller

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